Organization Information

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant ( is a flexible and diversified pilot plant for the development and scale up of new, bio-based and sustainable processes. It is capable of development of new bioprocesses, optimization of existing processes and scale up of a broad variety of bio-based processes up to an industrial level (from 5L to 50m3 scale, depending on the process). It can perform the entire value chain, from the green resources up to the final product. BBEU intends to close the gap in the innovation chain of the bio-based economy, bridging science and industrial production. BBEU was selected by the European Commission as a multi-KET Pilot Lines demonstrator ( It is located in Ghent, Belgium.

The activities of BBEU can be categorized in:

  • Development of bio-based and sustainable processes (TRL 2-4)
  • Scale up (TRL 5-6)
  • Pilot and demo production to allow market introduction (TRL 7-8)

The BBEPP team combines over 50 years of experience in fermentation development and scale-up, and also has extensive expertise in biocatalysis, green chemistry, and the development of industrial recovery and purification techniques. BBEPP is responsible for these tasks in several Horizon2020 projects of which 26 are ongoing. In addition, BBEPP is a service provider to many companies in the biotech domain and bio-based economy. In the period 2012-2019 it served > 120 customers in > 300 projects for development, scale up or pilot production.

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