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Trough competence in sales and marketing, research and production Borregaard has developed a world-class biorefinery. Borregaard’s products are alternatives to oil-based products and therefore address many long-term, global challenges related to population growth, resource access and environmental and climate impacts.

By using the different components of wood Borregaard produces lignin, speciality cellulose, vanillin, bioethanol and microfibrillar cellulose for a variety of applications in sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, construction, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, foodstuffs, batteries and biofuels.

Borregaard has engaged an independent third party, Ostfold Research, to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) that analyses the environmental impacts Borregaard’s products have from raw materials to finished products. The analysis confirms that Borregaard’s products provide better environmental performance compared with fossil alternatives in almost all environmental categories and indicate environmental benefits from replacing the alternatives with the company’s products.

Compared with competing products Borregaard’s products come out extremely well with regard to greenhouse emissions, especially when compared with alternatives produced from fossil raw materials such as ethanol from ethylene and vanillin from guaiacol. In these cases, the difference is considerable.

CO2 emissions connected with Borregaard’s wood-based vanillin are 90 percent lower than those associated with vanillin based on petrochemical raw material. Borregaard’s bioethanol has emissions 85 per cent lower than those of diesel.

Borregaard places a significant emphasis on research and development and has one of the largest and most innovative research divisions in organic chemistry and wood chemistry. Borregaard has close to 100 employees in innovation and R&D, including 34 PhDs, and uses annually around NOK 200 million for this purpose.

Borregaard employs 1100 man-years in plants and sales offices in 16 countries throughout Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.

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