Organization Information

Andrea Mattevi is the PI of the Structural Biology Division of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, of the University of Pavia (UNIPV, Italy). UNIPV is one of the oldest European Universities with typical “education & research” double mission. More specifically, Mattevi’s group has a strong and internationally acknowledged track record in structural enzymology, enzyme function and biocatalysis.

The laboratory has a strong background in structural and biochemical studies of enzymes and protein complexes ( It has continuously received support by national and international agencies, including NIH, European Union, EMBO, American Chemical Society. The laboratory is equipped with fermenters and incubators for protein expression in E.coli, Pichia strains and mammalian cells, sterile hood and a fluorescence microscope, cell disruptors (Emulsiflex French press, a Branson 550 ultra-sonic cleaner and a tissue homogenizer), several ÄKTA systems for HPLC protein purification and an ÄKTA micro for analytical HPLC, Shimadzu system for analytical UFLC F-SEC, several temperature-controlled centrifuges and an ultracentrifuge,  microcalorimeter, a plate reader and two spectrophotometers for enzymatic assays, a spectrofluorimeter, oxygraphe (Hansatech); NanoDrop, Nanotemper Tycho and Thermofluor for binding assays, temperature controlled rooms (at 4°C and 20°C) for crystallization, a robot for protein crystallization with nanoliter volumes and several workstations for crystallographic computing and computer graphics. We perform negative staining  in a nearby facility where a 200 kV cryo-TEM microscope is due to arrive on October 2019.

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